KOREAN AIR – Notice of change for Korean entry regulations.

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As it is known from the news regarding Korean government notice for Korean entry regulations related to COVID19.

We emphasize one more to avoid irregular situations.


<Measures to strengthen quarantine for Korean entering from overseas>


  • Expand targets to submit PCR negative confirmation.

– The obligation to submit a negative PCR confirmation issued within 72 hours (3 days) from the departure date for Koreans around the world. (However, Koreans subject to quarantine exemption for humanitarian reasons and public service overseas business trips are excluded)


  • Conduct diagnostic tests after entering Korea

– Koreans entering from UK, South Africa, Brazil, and Africa: Self-isolation after conducting diagnostic tests at temporary living facilities

– Koreans entering from countries other than the above: A diagnostic test is conducted at the local public health center within one day after entering the country (same as current)


  • Action in case of not submitting PCR negative confirmation

– Isolation in the facility for 14 days after a diagnostic test at a temporary living facility (at the expense of self)


  • Effective period

– Applicable to those entering the country after 00:00 on February 24 (Wed).




This news could be changed or updated based on Korea government regulation.

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