AIR CANADA – Important update: New entry and quarantine requirements in Canada

FLASH Canada – February 16, 2021
New entry and quarantine requirements in Canada
Before your customer flies with us to Canada, we want to make sure you are aware of the new entry and quarantine requirements imposed by the Government of Canada that will affect your customersߣ arrival.
Effective February 22, 2021 at 12:00am EST, in addition to providing a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test, all customers arriving in Canada must take two COVID-19 molecular tests ߞ one on arrival at the airport and one as part of an at-home test kit to be completed later in the quarantine period.
Before traveling to Canada, your customer must also book and pay for a three-night stay in a government-authorized accommodation where they will remain until receiving the results from their first test. The list of government-authorized accommodations will be made available by the Government of Canada on February 18, 2021.
If your customers are connecting to another destination within Canada, note that they must take their test on arrival and complete the mandatory hotel stay at their first point of entry into Canada. If they receive a negative test result, they can continue to their final destination within Canada and complete the remainder of their quarantine there. If the results of the first test are positive, your customer will be moved to a federal designated quarantine facility to complete the balance of their quarantine.
If they are connecting to an onward international destination, they are exempt from this requirement, as long as they remain in the secure terminal area.
Only certain travelers will be exempt from the arrival testing and mandatory hotel stay. For official details, please visit the Government of Canadaߣs travel assistance site.
If your customers would like to rebook their travel to arrive in Canada on or before February 21, please refer to our Goodwill policy.
Hereߣs what you need to know;
Before their flight to Canada
1.Rebook your customerߣs connecting flight.
Since they will need to quarantine at their first point of entry, youߣll need to re-book their connecting flight. Please refer to our Goodwill
Note: If their connecting flight is not rebooked prior to their departure, Air&#a0;Canada will cancel their connecting flight.
2.Have your customer download the freeArriveCAN mobile app.&#a0;
ArriveCAN must be used prior to their arrival in Canada to provide mandatory contact details and quarantine plan information.
3. Customers must take a COVID-19 test 72 hours prior to the departure of their flight.
For full details, visit theGovernment of Canada site.
4. Customers must reserve their room at a government-authorized accommodation for three nights.
There will be a number of hotels to choose from, located near each of the four international airports in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. Customers can go to on how to book their hotel. Information on hotel bookings will be available on February 18, 2021.
At arrival in Canada
Your customers will need to:
1. Complete their COVID-19 test at the airport.
2.Proceed immediately from the airport to their reserved government-authorized accommodation.
They must stay at the hotel for three nights or until they receive their test result. They are responsible for their own transportation but are restricted to certain types, such as their own vehicle or hotel shuttle. They cannot use public transportation, a taxi, a ridesharing service, or be picked up by any other person.
3. Receive the results from their COVID-19 test and take action accordingly.
If result is negative: they will be able to proceed to their place of quarantine to complete the remainder of the 14-day requirement. This includes taking a flight to their final destination in Canada if applicable. If they were connecting to another destination within Canada and receive a negative test result sooner than 3 days, they may be rebooked on the next available flight – please refer to our Goodwill policy.
If result is positive: they will be transferred to a federal designated quarantine facility to complete the remainder of their mandatory 14-day quarantine. If they were connecting to another destination within Canada, you must rearrange their flight plans – please refer to our Goodwill policy.
4.Complete the remainder of their mandatory 14-day quarantine and complete their test kit as instructed later in their quarantine.
Note that policies and requirements change frequently, and it remains your customersߣ responsibility to ensure that they are in compliance. We therefore strongly encourage them to visit the relevant government websites for the latest requirements as Air Canada is not responsible for how these requirements are applied by the governments. You and your customers can visit the Government of Canada at for more information or their frequently asked questions page. For specific questions related to the implementation of the government policy, please contact the government or Canadian Consular Services.
We also invite you and your customers to visit the Air Canada COVID-19 Hub for more details.
As always, we remain committed to providing our mutual customers with a safe and comfortable journey.&#a0;