Dear Our Valued Travel Agents,

Good Afternoon.
We will inform you the update info of several waiver AUTH number that possible to use as below :

Two-time Reissue Fee waiver for all International routes and Refund Fee Waiver

 1. Applicable Routes: OZ International Routes                 

 2. Details 

a. Period

·         Date of Issue : 10 Mar 2020 ~ 24 Oct 2020

·         Departure Date : 10 Mar 2020 ~ (No limit)

b. Applicable Subject

·         OZ Int’l Ticket (988 STOCK) (C/S FLT included) (Exclude mileage tickets)

c. Additional info (One time reissue fee waiver or refund fee waiver  Refund fee waiver is not applicable after 1x waive reissue fee)

·         2x Reissue Fee waiver due to SKD CHG

– SKD CHG, Collect fare difference/TAX according to RRT

·         Refund fee waiver

·         For journeys with OAL, allow restriction if Long Haul section is OZ marketing

d. Possible date for change

·         Departure date/reissue: Within ORGN ticket validity (unused ticket: 1 year from DOI / half-used: max 1 year after departure date)

3. AUTH NBR : 0KLHR1GM  (‘0’ is number)



Refund/Change due to Covid-19 (Subject with immigration restriction and quarantine measures)


Please use waiver below regarding quarantine measures in Korea starting April 1

 Issue : ~ 30 Jun 2020

 Departure Date : ~ 31 Oct 2020

 Application period will automatically terminated when the relevant country policy is terminated.


Refund Fee, Reissue Fee

– Exemption of reissue fee 1x (Refund fee exemption after reissue)

– Exemption of Refund Fee (Unused ticket also allowed)

– Refund fee waiver for seat EDM included

(Codeshare ticket (988) and mileage tickets included)

  AUTH NBR : 0KLHR0LS  (‘0’ is number)




Handling guidelines

– Reschedule fee waive

1 X Reissue fee waive (Fare difference/TAX waive, call OZ Office for details)

– Applicable for unused segment, Refund fee waive, submit via BSP

  AUTH NBR :  0KLHR002  (‘0’ is number)   



Additional Info

Tickets issued via Travel Agent must be handled by respective travel agent with following AUTH (will collect ADM if above guidelines are not complied)


Should you have any queries related this matter please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you for your kind attention.