Dear Valued Agents,

We are pleased to launch our “NOVEMBER FIESTA EXTRA 2017” promotion, with details as follow:

1. Date of Issue                 :  09 – 30 Nov 17

2. Date of Travel                : 16 – 20 Dec 17

3. Blackout Date                :  NIL

4. Tour Code                      : SUB0911172

5. Endorsement Box or Fare Ladder if space is not enough:

Economy and Premium Economy    : NO END/NO REF/NO FLT DATE CHNG

First and Business Class                : NO END/NO REF/CHNG FEE IDR 2,250,000

6. Form of Payment            : AGT/QS/….. (use CUMBERLAND in IDR)

7. Minimum Stay                : 01 Day for Singapore
: 02 Days for South East Asia & North Asia
: 03 Days for SWP, WAA, EUR, USA

8. Maximum Stay              :  07 Days for Singapore
: 10 Days for South East Asia
: 14 Days for North Asia
: 21 Days for SWP & WAA
: 40 Days for EUR & USA

9. Advance Purchase        : 03 Days for SIN and SEA
: 05 Days for NA, SWP, EUR, USA, WAA

10. Free stopover in SIN is allowed for North Asia, SWP, Europe, USA, WAA just collect SIN tax. No stopover in SIN for SEA destinations.

11. Surface                      : Allowed between promotional destinations, based on half round trip fare.

12. Reissuance and flight / date change permitted by selling to higher booking class min H class for Economy Class and T Class for Premium Economy Class on Market or Corporate Fares.

13. For D / A Class: Rebooking fee (change date / flight)  IDR 2,250,000 per transaction after ticket issued.
Change conditions e.x stopover, reroute need to upsell to higher booking class market / corporate fares min U class for business class and min F class for first class + rebooking fee IDR2,250,000.

14. Promotional Fares can be combined with Market or Corporate Fares with all classes except Q & N class. Terms and Conditions have to follow lowest condition.

15. Correction name fee :   For Economy and Premium Economy Class        : IDR 750,000 + service fee IDR 750,000
For Business and First Class                             : IDR 2,250,000 + service fee IDR 750,000

16. Mixed booking class between A, D, P, V, K are allowed.

17. Cancellation / Refund        : No Refund once tickets are issued.

18. NO CHILD FARE. Infant fare will be 10% Of paying adult of SQ Market Fares on min H class for Economy Class, min P (confi) class for Premium Economy Class, min J class for Business Class and min A Class for First Class.

19. Krisflyer Miles Accrual        : 125% (D class), 150% (A Class), 110% (P class), 10% (K & V class)

20. Promotional Fares valid for travel from and to SUB.

21. Promotional Fares only valid for SQ/MI Appointed Agents.

22. Kindly refer to below attachment for more details:
(See attached file: SUB0911172 – NOVEMBER FIESTA EXTRA 2017.xlsx)


Kindly disseminate this information to all your front line staff, branches and departments concerned.
Thank you for your continuous support!