Dear Valued Agents,

We are pleased to inform of our New Fare Family effective 20 January 2018 onwards.

New Fare Family contains of new rules regarding Changes/Refund/No-Show Fees based on Short/Long Haul points, Cabin and Booking Class.

Please refer to below details :

1. New Fare Family

2. New Change Fee

3. New Refund Fee

4. New No-Show Fee

5. The above new rules will apply for ticket issued on 20 January 2018 onwards.

6. All tickets issued before 20 January 2018 will refer to the old fare conditions, please refer to below details :

.6.1 Changes for Unused Ticket regarding change route, change date of travel (from low season to high season), upgrade/top-up/up-sell,
new fare conditions will apply.
.6.2 Changes for Unused Ticket regarding change date of travel (low season to low season or high season to high season) the old fare conditions
will remain.
.6.3 Changes for Half Used Ticket, the old fare conditions still apply regardless of the changes you make to your ticket.
.6.4 However, as a special exception, passenger still be able to select an available Standard Seat in advance for free regardless of fare type
you choose.

Kindly note that Sapporo (CTS) fares has been removed from NA(2) fare sheet since date of operation until 6 January 2018.

As attached is the updated fare sheet with the New Fare Family Rules :

NW17 DPS SEASONAL FARES (eff 30Nov17 – 31Mar18) v3 – 17 January 2018

Please disseminate this information to your front line staff and other related departments

Dear Valued Agents,

We are pleased to inform you our updated fare sheet for DPSSQ NW 17 as follows :

Highlights :
1. Amendment on name correction conditions :

2. Introducing new RBD for One Way fares to all destinations (except HIJ & CTS).

Please disseminate to all front liners and other related departments.

Thank you for your support,

Dear Valued Agents,

We are pleased to share with you Singapore Airlines New Northern Winter 2017 (NW 17) confie market fares, valid for sale on/after 30 November 2017 on/before 31 March 2018.

This fare sheet supersedes confidential market fare DPSSR03717 (Date of issue 4 Apr 2017 – 29 Nov 2017). Can be issued under 618 and 629 documents

Key Highlights :

1.  Date of Issue        : 30 November 2017- 31 March 2018

2.  Date of Travel        : 30 November 2017 –  31 March 2019

3.  High Season         : 21 – 30 December 2017          (December Peak 2017)
: 01 July – 07 September 2018        (Summer Peak 2018)
: 21 – 30 December 2018         (December Peak 2018)

4.  Tour code                 : No Tour Code

5.  Form of Payment        : AGT/INV        (No CUMBERLAND)

6.  All Seasonal fares are in FIT condition

7.  GV2 fares and conditions have been removed from NW-17 Seasonal Fares

8.  New Advance Purchase/Minimum Stay/Maximum Stay will apply as follow :

9.  Child fare for D class         : 75% of applicable Adult Fare

10. Infant for W, Q, N class    : 10% of applicable Adult Fare

11. New endorsement Box applied as follow :

12. Please refer to the details in the attached fare sheets

13. Please disseminate this information to your front line staff and other related departments

Thank you,