SILK AIR *Confidential: RO/2017/466—MIID DECEMBER PROMO

Dear Valued Agents,

We are pleased to share our promotional fares ” MIID DECEMBER PROMO ” with details as follow :

1. Date of Issue                         : 07Dec17 – 17Jan18 (MONO & BEYOND SIN)
2. Date of Travel                : 10Dec17 – 31 Jul18 (MONO SIN)
                                  14Dec17 – 31May18 (BEYOND SIN)

3. Tour code                                         : MIIDDP1217 (MONO & BEYOND SIN)

4. a. Blackout dates (totally not available for sale)
b. Blackout dates is based on Outbound dates
c. Please do not combine inbound sector with promo fares if outbound dates (regardless what are the fare used) fall within blackout period

Beyond SIN

Mono SIN

5. High Season period (For Outbound ONLY)

Beyond SIN

6. Stopovers/transfers        : Allowed for all destinations.

7. Allowed to open jaw with other SQ/MI Indo destinations

8. Open Jaw is ALLOWED between promotional destinations based on half round trip fares

9. a. Promotional Fares can be combined with Market or Corporate Fares with all classes (except GV2 booking class N & W for NS17 and subject to change for NW17 confie). Conditions will follow strictest rules.
b. For Q class combinaton please follow the Advance Purchase and Minimum Stay as follow (according to Market Fares NS17 and subject to change for NW17 confie)
Must follow the most restrictive rules.

Beyond SIN

c. Tour Code will follow promotional fares even first sector use Market or Corporate Fares
Eg. SRG-SIN-LAX (Market Fare), LAX-SIN-SRG (Promo Fare) then tour code on the ticket will be Promotional fare tour code (MIIDDP1217)

10. ALLOWED for mixed booking class between A, D, P,N, V, K class

11. NO Cancellation / Refund after ticket issued

12. NO CHILD discount, Infant fare will be 10% Of paying adult of  MI Market Fares on min H class for Economy Class and min P (confie) class for Premium Economy Class.
No Infant discount for China TR Destinations (HGH,NKG,SHE,TAO,TSN,DLC,HAK,TNH,MFM,CGO,JJN,XIY,WUX,NGB)

13. No name change, no waitlist, no redemption upgrade to First / Business class

14. Name correction (for CAT allowed) pay IDR 750,000 (For K/V/N/P/D/A class)

15. Krisflyer Miles Accrual : 150% (A class), 125% (D class), 110% (P class), 50% (N Class), 10% (K & V class)

16. Min & Max Stay / Advance Purchase :

17. Endorsement Box (For All destinations)

Beyond SIN

Mono SIN

18. For  K, V and N class : Reissuance and flight/date change permitted for unused ticket by selling to H or higher booking classes (Market or Corporate Fares). Refer to reissuance guideline under ticketing general conditions

19. For P & D class, Reissuance and flight/date change permitted with change fee IDR 2,250,000 per transaction only if change of travel dates within the same period, i.e. From low season to low season or from high season to high season. Refer to reissuance guideline under ticketing general conditions

20. Promotional fares are valid for MI/SQ Appointed Agents, ARO, M3 & SAA.

21. Fares are not applicable for Extra Seat, Oxygen Bottle, Cabin Baggage Charges & Unaccompanied Minor

22. Please disseminate this information to your front line staff and other related departments

23. Stopover along SQ routes (En-route) :  NOT VALID ON SAME DATE

24. For more details regarding the rules & ticketing conditions, especially on reissuance guidelines please refer to the attached file :

Mono SIN

Beyond SIN

25. Please disseminate this information to your front line staff and other related departments

(See attached file for more details)

RO-2017-466 SilkAir Indonesia DECEMBER PROMO to SIN_Agents ARO






Thank you & Happy selling !!