SILK AIR *Confidential: CJST1805 – SilkAir Central Java (JOG/SRG) Getaway Trunk Promo

Dear Valued Agents,
Please find “SilkAir Central Java (JOG/SRG) Getaway Trunk Promo” as per details below :
1. Date of Issue                : 23 Mar 18 – 08 Apr 18  
2. Date of Travel              : 26 March 18 – 31 Jul 18  
3. Blackout Date              : 08 – 22 June 2018 (Lebaran’s Peak)
    Blackout dates is based on Outbound dates 
4. Advance Purchase      : 3 Days                     
5. Endorsement Box or fare ladder if space is not enough:           

6. Form of Payment  (MI sector) : AGT/QS//                                                                                        
7. Change Fee  & Noshow Fee

8. Promotional Fares can be combined with Market or Corporate Fares with all classes, Must follow the most restrictive rules regarding Advance Purchase/Minimum Stay/Maximum Stay.Tour Code will follow promotional fares even first sector use Market or Corporate Fares

9. Rebooking/Revalidation/Rerouting/Reissuance and flight / date change permitted by selling to higher booking class (market fare / confie)     
10. NO Cancellation (Refund) after ticket issued for all classes            
11. No name change, no waitlist, no redemption upgrade to Business class  
12. Name correction (for CAT allowed) pay  IDR750,000 name correction fee + IDR750.000 service fee    
13. NO CHILD discount, Infant fare will be 10% Of paying adult fare.   
14. Krisflyer Miles Accrual : 125% (D class) and 50% (K & V class)       
15. Return to other MI stations allowed e.g. SRG-SIN-JOG.                   
16. Fares are NOT applicable for Extra Seat, Oxygen bottle, Cabin Baggage chargers & unaccompanied minor.       
17. Ticket must be used in sequence, otherwise will be charged published fare             
18. These promotions fares valid for ex JOG and SRG only                                                          
19. Promotional Fares are valid  for all MI SRG/JOG Appointed Agents

20. Please find Sales Talk for more details.        
(See attached file for more details)


Happy Selling !