QATAR AIRWAYS – Booking requirements for (CRD) Child Restraint Device

Booking requirements for (CRD) Child Restraint Device

Dear Valued Partner,

We would like to remind you, that only adult is permitted to carry one infant without a seat (INF) under two years of age.

In case of two infants, travelling with one accompanying adult, then the second infant must be over 12 months and must be able to sit in a separate seat (booked & ticketed as INS). For the infant (over 12 months) who will be seated on a separate seat, a CRD (Car Restraint Device) must be provided and used during the journey.

Since a CRD is no longer stored on board a QR aircraft, it is imperative that prior requests are made a minimum 48 hours prior to flight departure. This requirement shall also apply in case that only one infant accompanies an adult and an INS ticket calculation has been paid to occupy a seat.

For those customers that travel with their own child restraint device or better known as a car seat (PCRD) then they must be informed that the device must have an approved label from a regulatory body e.g. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Trade partners are required to contact QR office through in order to add the required SK keyword. You may also visit our trade portal for more information.