Preferred Seating available from today

Effective today, 27 September 2023, Virgin Australia is introducing a new Economy seat product called “Preferred Seating” across all Virgin Australia operated routes as part of our ongoing commitment to deliver better value and choice for customers*.

This new seating product is available to purchase via the Global Distribution System (GDS) as an Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMDa) and is available on all aircraft types and Virgin Australia routes with a VA flight number (including E90, Saab 340 and Fokker F70 aircrafts).

On a 737-800, Preferred Seating is available for purchase in the section between Economy X as per the below indicative map.

Image of Preferred Seating Map


The cost for Preferred Seating is as per the below table*:
Preferred Seats
Rows (B737-800) & Zones 6-9
Zone 1
Zone 2
Short (sector i) $14 $9
Medium & ISH NZ (sector ii) $17 $12
ISH Pacific Island (sector iii) $20 $15
ISH Bali (sector iv) $22 $17
Intl Japan (sector v) $25 $20
This table is indicative and subject to change.
All customers who choose to sit in the Preferred Seating zone will be charged the fee as an EMDa when booking via the GDS, with the below Velocity Tier Status exceptions.

Velocity Platinum and Gold members and their travelling companions (in the same PNR) are permitted to pre seat in the Preferred Seating zones at no charge. Please ensure you have added the Velocity Platinum or Gold member Frequent Flyer number into the booking at time of pre seating.

The updated Seating Policy and FAQs are available on the Agency Hub here.

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