KQ Marine Offshore fare update, effective immediately Inbox x

                                                                                                                                      02 May 2019

KQ – Marine & Offshore net fare programme 2019-2010



Dear Marine/Offshore Travel Partner,


We are pleased to announce the new Kenya Airways Marine and Offshore net fare programme 2019 – 2020, effective immediately.

The programme includes Marine and Offshore net fares to the following port cities:


¨ Mogadishu MGQ daily direct KQ service

KQ 363               MGQ   NBO       1550      1735

KQ 362               NBO    MGQ      1300      1445


¨ Jakarta JKT via BKK with codeshare services operated by GA and TG

KQ 886  D          NBO      BKK       2359      1330+1

GA:KQ5405  D  BKK       CGK      1715+1  2050+1


GA:KQ5406  D   CGK      BKK       1240      1615

KQ 887  D          BKK       NBO      0120+1  0610+1


TG 436  X2           JKT   BKK       1900      2230

KQ 887  D            BKK NBO        0120      0610


¨ Jeddah JED via AUH with codeshare service operated by EY, daily

EY:KQ5501        NBO   AUH        1410      2025

EY:KQ5609        AUH   JED         0200+1  0345+1


As a reminder, the Ticketing Time Limit can be extended to 7 or 4 days before departure by introducing the following entry in the PNR before end of transaction:

Sabre: 3OSI KQ TLPW.MARINE             Galileo: SI.KQ*TLPW.MARINE                 Amadeus: SKTLPWKQ-MARINE


We enclose the new programme with all recent additions highlighted in blue for your reference.

Please visit www.iasglobal.com for KQ Marine and Offshore Fare quotes, Rules & Conditions, News…etc