KOREAN AIR – Bulletin of Adjustment of Penalty rule for Special fares.

Ref. 011/II/KE/SA/18


Please be inform that adjustment of Reissue Charge , Refund Penalty and Cancel 1st time change waiver for reissue for short haul / long haul will be  :


  • Establishment Reissue Charge for D Class ( Business Class ) : same amount as I class
  • Establishment Refund Penalty for B Class : Same amount as M class
  • 1st time change waiver for Reissue Charge of Economy Classes : cancel ( should collect reissue fee for B,M,S,H,E,K,L,U,Q,N,T class for change  ). Exception : Y class ( remain unchange ).


** Effective from : Ticketing On/After 2018.02.20


The adjustment / change of fare rule have been updated in GDS fare system.




*** This Bulletin is not KE Fare Table, All fare and its fare rule must refer Fare System in GDS



Thank you for your nice cooperation and happy selling !



For more details, you may contact with our Reservation & Ticketing Counter at (021)  521-2180 or

Sales Team ( 021) 521-2175/76 : Ibu Feny  ( ifeny@koreanair.com ) & Ibu Tuty ( stuty@koreanair.com )





*****  CLICK www.koreanair.com for quick reference of rules of SKYPASS, BAGGAGE, SPML, PETS, MCT etc ******







** KE Fare : Auto pricing , apply Fare and it’s rule on GDS fare rules system when make KE Reservation  

** KE Fare : Subject to change based on DATE of ISSUE TICKET

** Please check TIME LIMIT for Ticketing for Normal fare , Promo fare & AP ( advance purchase ) fare   


** Reissue Fee : OD Tax ( on the new Ticket ) and NON REFUNDABLE

** Agent Comm 5% entitled only for EX JKT and DPS

** ADM and ACM fee  PER TICKET is applied in Rupiah  

** All Refund case ( Totally unused, partly used & Exchange Ticket ) : process AUTO REFUND at GDS for Ticket issued after 01 July 2015.

** No Show Fee will be imposed as of Ticket Issued 01 OCT 16