04 January 2021


Dear Valued Agency Partners,


  1. Further to sales circular JKT/20/022 published in July 2020, the Distribution Fee (YR) to the traditional Edifact booking channel is effective 04 January 2021. However, tickets issued through the NDC channels will not incur the Distribution Fee (YR).


  1. Please note that for tickets that were issued in Edifact channel before 04 January 2021 but reissued on/after 04 January 2021, travel agents can manually remove the Distribution Fee (YR) before the tickets are reissued. This waiver will only apply to tickets issued before 04 January 2021 but reissued on/after 04 January 2021.


2.1  Please remember to insert this circular number JKT/21/001 as the approval code for the removal of Distribution Fee (YR) in the Endorsement box, for reissuance in Edifact channel accordance to conditions highlighted in paragraph 2. ADM will be raised if the approval code is not included in the Endorsement box.


  1. Travel agents are reminded to always issue 618 tickets with at least one SQ flight in the itinerary and where applicable, 629 tickets with at least one MI flight in the itinerary.


  1. Should you have any further queries, please contact your sales representative.


  1. Please disseminate this information to your front-liners, sub-agents as well as relevant department.


Please check the attachment below

JKT21001-PANID Introduction of Distribution Fee (YR)



Best regards,

Singapore Airlines