CX Fuel Surcharges (Eff 01Nov23)


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Dear Partners,
CX Fuel Surcharges (Eff 01Nov23)

CX Fuel Surcharges will be remain unchanged for tickets issue/exchange on/after 01Nov23 and travel on/after 01Nov23.


For CX flight coupons between HKG and South West Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa.
Between Japan and USA,
between USA and Brazil/Chile/Peru,
between New Zealand and Chile,
between Brazil and United Kingdom/France/New York,
between Kazakhstan and Hong Kong/Korea/Thailand,
between Africa and Brazil, between Spain and Brazil/Chile/Peru,
between Qatar and Brazil/Croatia/Kenya/Russia/ Serbia/ Seychelles/Ukraine.
Fuel Surcharge POS Indonesia : USD 144.50 or equiv.
For CX flight coupons between HKG and South Asia Sub-Continent.
Fuel Surcharge POS Indonesia: USD 68.80 or equiv.
For CX flight coupons not specified above:
Fuel Surcharge POS Indonesia: USD 32.40 or equiv.
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