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We are delighted to announce in 2023 we are launching 6 new routes across Europe from London Heathrow (LHR) and London Gatwick (LGW). Fly with British Airways and enjoy the birthplace of The Italian Renaissance, Austria’s world -famous cultural and musical highlights, France’s modern city center and Greece’s beautiful beaches.


Flights to Florence (FLR) are on sale from 29 December 2022 and flights to Salzburg (SZG), Corfu (CFU), Montpellier (MPL), Mykonos (JMK), Innsbruck (INN) are on sale from 04 January 2023.


Route Flight Aircraft Effective Dates
LGW – SZG – LGW BA2618 / BA2619 A320 28 March 2023
LHR – FLR – LHR BA524 / BA525 A320 Neo 16 April 2023
LGW – CFU – LHW BA2812 / BA2813 A320 27 May 2023
LGW – MPL – LGW BA2620 / BA2621 A320 27 May 2023
LGW – JMK – LGW BA2814 / BA2815 A320 10 June 2023
LGW – INN – LGW BA2620 / BA2621 BA2622 / BA2623 A320 December 2023


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