AIR PORTUGAL – Incorrect Booking Procedures – Married Segments Breach / O&D BYPASS

Important Reminder
Incorrect Booking Procedures – Married Segments Breach / O&D BYPASS

Married Segments may offer different booking availability classes than flights reserved separately. Married Segments must be issued, changed and cancelled together.
O&D Bypass is any manipulation to circumvent the O&D Logic and obtain a reservation in an RBD which is already closed for sale. TAP Air Portugal strictly forbids any manipulations of bookings and subsequent ticketing of such reservations.
Travel agencies that break this set of segments to gain access to lower fares, which otherwise would be unavailable, will be penalized:
  • All PNR’s identified with Éc;Married Segments Breach” or Éc;O&D BypassÉd; will be cancelled, unless ticket is issued. TAP Air Portugal will send a cancellation message to the agent in the PNR.
  • For all identified situations with a ticket issued, ADMs will be issued, per passenger and per remaining manipulated O&D:
  • Domestic Portugal and Europe: EUR250.00 or equivalent in local currency
  • Intercontinental: EUR400.00 or equivalent in local currency
In case a Travel Agent issues a ticket based on a PNR with a manipulated segment, an ADM will be issued. Ticketing Agents are responsible for malpractices even if they are not the original Agent making the booking.
Married segment and O&D bypass audit has been implemented since January 1st 2014. Waive of these ADMs is not authorized.