AirNZ eDM -5615 Extension to existing Covid-19 Credits


Extension of Covid-19 Credits Validity

Air New Zealand wishes to advise of the following extension to our Covid-19 credit validity:

  • Any Covid-19 credits issued up to and including 30 September 2022 will now have an expiry date of 31 January 2026, for travel to be completed by 31 December 2026.

Tickets expired from BSP will remain active in the Air New Zealand ticket database and can be retrieved via your GDS using the original ticket number then reissued.

To enable this flexibility please:

  1. Create a new PNR for the new dates and Air New Zealand operated journey.
  2. Validate a new Air New Zealand fare quote that is valid and relevant to the new journey.
  3. Follow your standard reissue process for tickets held in credit against the new PNR/journey. Please note: additional collection may apply. Change penalties attached to the original ticket can be ignored. Please endorse the new ticket ‘NZ COVID FLEX POLICY’
  4. If the new journey is less than the original ticket please follow our indirect direct credit process
  5. For assistance and/or ticket review due to the original document no longer being visible in your GDS, please email for a ticket image request to assist with your self-management and reissue.

What are the key dates?

Your credit expiry date depends on the day your credit is processed.

For credit received before 1 October 2022

  • Redeem your credit by booking new flights by 31 January 2026. Any unused credits will expire after 11:59pm, 31 January 2026
  • Complete travel before 31 December 2026
  • For example, if you received a credit on 20 June 2021 you would have until 31 January 2026 to book a flight, with travel to be completed by 31 December 2026

For credit received from 1 October 2022

  • Redeem your credit by booking new flights within 12 months of the date you received your credit
  • Travel within 12 months from the time you made the booking
  • For example, if you received a credit on 5 October 2022 you would have until 5 October 2023 to book a flight, at which time you can book up to 12 months in advance. All travel must be completed within a year from the date of booking.

See the full credit terms and conditions for more information.

Any eligible booking placed into credit from 01 October 2022, are valid for 12 months from first date of original travel.

All credits remain non-refundable.


Thanks & Regards,