【ANA’s Newsletter】Special Handling of International Air Tickets due to Pneumonia Caused by New-type Coronavirus

Dear Travel Partners,

Thank you for your support during this unprecedented time.

September 16, 2020 – ANA has updated the precautionary measures in response to the outbreak of the new-type coronavirus (COVID-19) in order to maintain a safe, secure environment for its customers, flight/cabin crew and other employees. Please refer to below information:

  1. Eligible Tickets

For itineraries to/from/via airports in Japan (including to/from The Americas and Europe)

Date of issue Tickets issued up to and including September 16, 2020
Boarding Date Departure from February 26 up to November 30, 2020

*International Tickets issued by ANA that meets all of the conditions above

  • Ticket numbers starting with “205
  • For tickets issued by other airlines’ document, please contact each respective airline.
  1. Change of Boarding Date
  • Change of boarding date is allowed once (1x) free of charge to new boarding which must be either on/before March 31, 2021 (complete travel) or 1 year after original date of issue (complete travel) whichever is earlier.
  • The new schedule must be booked in the same booking class (RBD) and not allowed to change to other carriers.
  • The ticket must be reissued with no additional charges and add “WCN001” in the endorsement box.
  • For half-used tickets, changes beyond the validity/max. stay of the ticket is not permitted.
  • Tickets may be left open until the new departure date is decided. Please cancel/remove the original flight reservation to avoid no-show.
  1. Ticket Refunds
  • Customers with applicable tickets may request a refund (cancellation/refund fee will not apply).
  • Submit a manual refund application via BSPLINK and input “WCN001” in the reason for the refund box.
  • Unless you have proceeded with auto-refund, please let us know in advance to avoid double-refund.
  • Change the ticket status to “R
  • A refund can be requested up to 1 year and 30 days from the travel start date (or issuance date if prior to travel).
  • Once you have submitted a refund request through BSPLink, you do not need to email the RA number. Please monitor the refund through BSPLink, once approved it will be reflected in your BSP Billing.