【ANA’s Newsletter】 Updated 12MAY21 – Special Handling of International Air Tickets due to Pneumonia Caused by New-type Coronavirus

Dear Travel Partners,

Thank you for your support during this unprecedented time.

May 12, 2021 – ANA has updated the precautionary measures in response to the outbreak of the new-type coronavirus (COVID-19) in order to maintain a safe, secure environment for its customers, flight/cabin crew, and other employees. Please refer to below information:

  1. Eligible Tickets


For itineraries to/from/via airports in Japan (including to/from The Americas and Europe)
Date of issue Tickets issued up to and including May 12, 2021
Boarding Date Departure from February 26, 2020 up to September 30, 2021

*International Tickets issued by ANA that meets all of the conditions above

  • Ticket numbers starting with “205
  • For tickets issued by other airlines’ document, please contact each respective airline.
  1. Change of Boarding Date
  • Change of boarding date is allowed once (1x) free of charge to new boarding date which must be either on/before December 23, 2021 (complete travel) or new boarding date of the 1st sector is maximum 1 year from the original ticket date of issue, whichever is earlier.
  • Change of origin/destination, routing, carrier, and booking class (RBD) is NOT allowed
  • In cases where changes following to the original flight route is not possible due to flight suspension or local government restrictions, change of departure/arrival airport is allowed and must remain in the same city (e.g. CGK-HND change to CGK-NRT)
  • The ticket must be reissued with no additional charges (including taxes) and add waiver code “SKCHG DUE TO COVID-19” in the endorsement box.
  • For half-used tickets, changes beyond the validity/max. stay of the ticket is NOT permitted.
  • Tickets may be left open until the new departure date is decided. Please cancel/remove the original flight reservation to avoid a no-show.
  1. Ticket Refunds
  • Customers with applicable tickets may request a refund (cancellation/refund fee will NOT apply).
  • Please submit AUTO REFUND FOR FULLY UNUSED TICKET with 0 cancellation fee. For entry details, please contact your respective GDS. Please input the waiver code “WCN001” on the remarks/free text column.
  • Submit a MANUAL REFUND FOR HALFUSED TICKET via BSPLINK and input “WCN001” in the reason for the refund box. Change the ticket status to “R”, unless your GDS does not permit coupon status changes.

For updated information please access https://www.ana.co.jp/en/jp/topics/notice200123/

Please distribute to your front liners, branch offices, and sub-agencies.